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Electric Brakes | Peel Auto

Electric Brakes

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e brakes

You can rely on Peel Auto Electrical and Air Conditioning to install, repair, or replace your car’s electric, trailer or caravan brakes.

We can also install electric braking systems onsite with our fully equipped mobile service vehicle.






Why do I need a brake controller?

Nearly every caravan now built has electric brakes fitted to the caravan. These brakes require an electric current from a brake controller mounted in your car, to make them operate. Any towed trailer or caravan that weights 1000kg or more must be fitted with independent brakes. Electric are the most common.

How do electric brakes work?

Your caravan brake hubs have the traditional brake shoes inside, they rarely have disc brakes.

The magnet becomes activated when power is supplied from your brake controller. It is attracted to the inside flat face of the rotating brake hub (not shown). The rotating hub causes the magnet to rotate as shown. (The magnet is attached to a lever that pivots). When it pivots it causes both brake shoes to spread and apply your brakes.

The brake controller that gets installed into your car – on or near your dashboard, is what controls the power that gets sent to the magnet at your wheel.

The controller has a direct connection to your battery for the source of power. It also has a connection to the stop lights, usually from the switch at the brake pedal. This tells the unit to supply power to the magnet, via a direct wire from the controller. An earth is also required.


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