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Essentially, the starter motor provides ‘the crank’ to start your vehicles motor. It relies on your battery to provide the power to do this. So, if your battery is flat, your starter cannot start your motor. However, if you require a starter motor repair you will often hear a ‘tick sound’ as it attempts to perform its function, letting you know the starter motor is damaged.

Specifically, your starter motor is crucial to your car’s performance. A faulty starter motor will mean your vehicle will not start leaving you stranded and possibly having to pay to get your car towed to a service centre. The starter uses the electricity from the battery to start the crankshaft turning and that gets your car going.

Peel Auto Electrical and Air Conditioning stocks a variety of competitively priced Starter Motors and Alternators to suit many vehicles.

If we don’t have the unit you require, we will source it for you!


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